About Us

Life is short!

It is important that in the time we have, we attempt to spend it in a place we enjoy – in relationships, home life, work or play. It is our intention at e property to balance these competing interests. We are our people and they define us.

Our people spend 30% of their week working, which has a significant impact on their lives.  The environment they work in, the people they work with and our clients all leave a foot print.  We have to enjoy the experience.

Our intention is:

  • To work with people not necessarily the same but whose company we enjoy.
  • To work for people who stimulate our thoughts and stretch our imagination.
  • To work in a space that lets us grow and protects us, which is best suited to our well being, and that of the people with whom we work.

We know that when we are aligned to this intention, we work far more productively, have a greater focus and we have an emotional commitment to achieving the goals we have with our clients…

This makes for a pleasant and fulfilling experience.